“Phenomenal show! You rocked it! There are only a handful of times that the Mable has been jumping like that, and it was awesome. Tons of people who have never been here before and even our older ushers LOVED IT! Thank you so much for such an amazing Saturday night at the Mable!”
“I am here to tell you, this band is AWESOME, they have this show and music worked out to perfection! The music, the lights, and the whole experience is plain and simply…. as good as it gets! If you ever get the chance to experience this show, you will NOT be disappointed!”
“Their performance was amazing to say the least. As the organizer of the event, I was blown away by the comments that we got from the community, the city and the festival officials. The general consensus was that Run Like Hell was one of the best live acts to ever play in the city.”
“Run Like Hell… book these performers and you won’t be sorry. They are first class professionals with extreme talent and a pass for what they do. The true artistry of Pink Floyd accompanied by the fabulous lighting and effects will not disappoint.”